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Class Schedule

Winter 2013/14

Acacia Vineyard
Napa, Calif.

To reserve a seat, please call 707-226-9991 x2

Wonderful World of Wine & Cheese

Taste your way through cheese production methodology and wine fermentation. Explore a variety of cheese and wine styles that will give you a great starting point for mastering the art of pairings. Learn how to describe what you are tasting, and how certain soils, yeasts, cellaring styles and milk types make a difference in the world of cheese and wine. Learn about microclimates, terroir, cheese and wine production techniques and flavor profiles.
Participants must be 21 or over.

Sun., Dec. 1, Noon-2PM
Fee $50/$40WineClub
Tank Room Classroom

2750 Las Amigas Rd, Napa, CA 94559
(707) 226-9991