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Travels: A Haiti Portfolio

Project Hope Art:
1 camera, 12 People and a humble attitude to impact the world through art.

About Project HOPE Art
“To inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for children in need through the creative process of art.”

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – Giving a voice to those in Haitian tent camps & hospitals through art, just in time to turn frowns upside down. Capturing feelings and expressing them through art.

Exploring the arts as a catalyst for healing, HOPE Art is inspiring others to create. Many refugee camps in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti are hastily constructed tarp and cardboard make shift towns. As we approach the three year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that decimated life in Haiti, more and more disjointed families feel hopeless, as if they are screaming silently into the wind. While no one person can swoop in and save or correct everything, studies show that art therapy as a creative outlet provides healing to young adults and children as they are usually less capable and less comfortable expressing themselves through words.

Melissa Schilling and Artist Jenni Ward have co-taught children’s classes involving a fusion of artistic and culinary exploration over the past 4 years and now take their creative energy to the children of Haiti using art as a universal language.